Fall/Winter Garden Plan

Began working on this yesterday. Started a spreadsheet with

  • Type 
  • Variety
  • Germination temps 
  • Days to harvest
  • Persephone days (those days in winter with fewer than 10 hours daylight when plants stop growing)
  • Seed cost
  • Amount of seed
  • Supplier
  • And notes

Right now, Squares #4 and #5 are slated for Fall/Winter/Spring crops. That is 22 forty five foot rows.

Here is what I am thinking….

  • 2 rows broccoli (44 plants)
  • 1 row Brussels Sprouts (22 plants)
  • 2 rows cabbages (44 plants)
  • 2 rows Napa cabbages (44 plants)
  • 2 rows beets
  • 2 rows carrots
  • 2 row head lettuces
  • 1 row turnips
  • 1 row bok choi
  • 1 row mustard mix
  • 1 row kales
  • 1 row snow peas

That’s a lot more on the list and I need to do succession sowing, not everything at once. So it is a bit more complicated than just how many rows. I want a steady supply through winter.

For now, I need to go through my seeds, vac seal those I am no longer using, and figure out what I need to order. Then immediately after seeds arrive, we need to start sowing cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

The greenhouse needs to be cleaned up and seed starting equipment cleaned. 

And I plan on trying some interesting varieties from Wild Garden Seed, West Coast Seed, and some other seed suppliers in addition to my standard sources, Johnny’s and Southern Exposure.


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