Hide & Seek Garlic

Mercy and I dug what remains of the garlic out of the Spring Square. It is way past its prime but salvageable.

I think there are a few reasons it is so poor:

  1. It was planted late. December. Due to last year’s drought.
  2. The soil is poor and we did not amend it at all.
  3. There is some disease on the cloves.
  4. The weeds rapidly smothered the garlic plants in late Spring.

The worst part is getting the pig weed, Johnson grass, and summer grasses out of the way! long pants and boots are a must along with gloves. 

So from here, I plan to plant the seed heads that formed (never got all the scapes cut off) in the greenhouse to use for planting cloves next year.

Then clean, a much as possible, the garlic heads and cure them. Then, dry and powder and/or ferment the cloves to preserve them.

We’ll save any bulbs that are worth planting but there won’t be many. I will likely buy a few pounds of seed garlic for fall planting and rebuild our garlic stock. 

Last time I lost most of my garlic was after the 2007 drought.

Now to get the Welsh Onion dug…..


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