Weeds and to do

It is that time of year when the weeds take over. The Summer square still needs weeding. But the scrab grasses are too big. Even the winter squash and melon patches have more pig weed sprouting. And we still need to

  • Get the potatoes dug (4 rows down, 6 more rows to go), 
  • Clean up the garlic, 
  • Plant the 3rd summer squash/cucumbers/beans,
  • Put up some sort of supports for the peppers, Done
  • Harvest the remaining Bodacious sweet corn  Done
  • Mow the spring square, Done 7/21
  • Mow all around the garden  Done 7/21
  • Mow Square 1  Done 7/22
  • Start fall seedlings
  • Till and plant cover crops in squares 1 and 8
  • Weed whack and mow the potato square once harvested
  • Tie up tomatoes
  • Spray kelp on everything!
  • And weed!! Working on it! 7/17-7/19

On an up note, the bush beans are doing wwell, the sweet potato patch is beautiful, the second sunflowers (Selma Suns) are blooming, and we have watermelons and melons coming along!


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