Fall seed starting

I am behind the eight ball on seed starting, as usual. It was so hot the latter two weeks of July though, too hot for even cabbages.

Today I cleaned up my seed trays. I also wetted more seed starting mix.

Here are the seeds I seeded today.

2017 Leek and onion seeds

The Tadorna and Mechelen Blue leeks are supposed to be very cold tolerant. Same with the Kincho Scallions and Evergreen Hardy Bunching onions. I want plenty of these for Kimchi and general fall and winter eating.

The Early Texas Granos are short day bulbing onions I hope to overwinter for next year.

According to Johnny’s Seed Catalog, the ideal temperature for germinating seeds in the onion family is 77 degrees. So I set the containers in the shade behind the tower. I will probably bring them in the house though as they do get sun in the late afternoon.

Allium seed starting

All of these containers are 4-6″ deep for strong root development. Onion family seedlings can take some rough handling so pulling them apart to plant is no big issue. I planted these containers with 120-200 seeds each. As soon as they are up, I will start feeding them with fish and kelp emulsion.

Not sure how I will handle the bulb onions. I need the seedlings to stay smaller than a pencil in diameter or they will bolt next Spring. It may be better to plant them later.

I also have the Welsh Onions to plant for winter green onions. These are very reliable and hardy. I have a few of these in the greenhouse…already 6″ high! They only take 3 weeks or so to get that big.

Welsh Onions Curing in Shade

I need to get a garden update here soon. 


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