Seed Sorting

I went through all our seeds yesterday. Everything is vacuum sealed.

Seeds for Fall/Winter

I forgot how much I order for last year that were never used thanks to the drought.

This seed inventory was used to update my spreadsheet, which I sorted by seed supplier so I could add up the orders. Always so much to order (don’t tell Frank!!).

Now to get sowing!!


Fall/Winter Garden Plan

Began working on this yesterday. Started a spreadsheet with

  • Type 
  • Variety
  • Germination temps 
  • Days to harvest
  • Persephone days (those days in winter with fewer than 10 hours daylight when plants stop growing)
  • Seed cost
  • Amount of seed
  • Supplier
  • And notes

Right now, Squares #4 and #5 are slated for Fall/Winter/Spring crops. That is 22 forty five foot rows.

Here is what I am thinking….

  • 2 rows broccoli (44 plants)
  • 1 row Brussels Sprouts (22 plants)
  • 2 rows cabbages (44 plants)
  • 2 rows Napa cabbages (44 plants)
  • 2 rows beets
  • 2 rows carrots
  • 2 row head lettuces
  • 1 row turnips
  • 1 row bok choi
  • 1 row mustard mix
  • 1 row kales
  • 1 row snow peas

That’s a lot more on the list and I need to do succession sowing, not everything at once. So it is a bit more complicated than just how many rows. I want a steady supply through winter.

For now, I need to go through my seeds, vac seal those I am no longer using, and figure out what I need to order. Then immediately after seeds arrive, we need to start sowing cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

The greenhouse needs to be cleaned up and seed starting equipment cleaned. 

And I plan on trying some interesting varieties from Wild Garden Seed, West Coast Seed, and some other seed suppliers in addition to my standard sources, Johnny’s and Southern Exposure.

To do June 28th

Mercy and Savannah spent a few evenings this week scuffle hoe weeding much of the garden. The weeded…..

Square #3 – sweet potatoes

Square #4 – the melon patch ( 1/2 the square)

Square #5 – the Silver Queen Corn & winter squash patch

Square #8 – the okra and bush bean rows.

I managed to finish weeding the Hickory King Corn and Mammoth Sunflowers in Square #6 this morning. I also weeded the Zinnias and the last unplanted row in Square #7.

So now left to do:

  1. Harvest the garlic! This may be a total loss due to late planting and terrible weeds. Done 7/9-7/10
  2. Weed the Summer Square.
  3. Tie up tomatoes again! Did this 6/30
  4. Set up cucumber and pole bean supports. Done 7/1
  5. Weed Bodacious Sweet Corn. Done 7/2-7/3 along with reweed of sweet potatoes, winter squash, and melons.
  6. Weed the Basil Row. Done 7/2
  7. Dig Red Pontiac Potatoes
  8. Till square #8 and plant a cover crop.
  9. Till square #1 and plant a cover crop
  10. Plant 3rd sowing of squash/beans/cucumbers

    It started raining again yesterday afternoon.

    Late June Garden part 2

    Here are a few more shots. First, the scuffle hoers. This is the Silver Queen sweet corn, second sowing. Winter squash hills are in front.

    The melon patch. Some of these had to be resown and are a bit behind.

    Mammoth sunflowers and Hickory King Dent corn. Corn was replanted to fill in from poor seeding. Weedy Spring square in background.

    Herb hedge….

    Summer square….

    Dying summer squashes….

    Second sowing of cucumbers, summer squashes, and beans. They need supports desperately.


    Last but not least, okra and bush beans, just weeded.

    Late June Garden Photos part 1

    Still plenty of work to do. But to keep record a few photos.

    From the northwest corner.

    Here is the cowpea cover crop where the Yukon Gold potatoes were. The basil hedge is to the left.

    Close up of cow pea sprouting.

    Weedy Red Pontiac potatoes nearly ready to harvest.

    Velvet Queen Sunflowers about to bloom.

    Our lovely sweet potato patch…

    Georgia Jet leaves…

    Red Japanese leaves….

    Diane leaves….

    Hernandez leaves

    Bodacious sweet corn, first sowing. Tasseled and silked. Perfect for hide and seek or afternoon shade for weary gardeners.

    More in the next post.

    Quick look at the pasture

    Here is a picture of the South pasture this year. It is so lush! I was concerned it would not come back after last year’s drought.

    The red clover has spread a bit from where we seeded it last year. The white clover is coming on strong.

    South pasture


    I had some mowing to do after the sheep and cows the other day. When I was finished, I pulled down the net fences around the garden and mowed the perimeter.

    Since we had not gotten the Chinese cabbage rows in the spring square cleaned up, I just mowed them along with the two rows of bolting lettuces and spent peas. There will likely be a lot of volunteer cabbages later this summer. I always feel pathetic when I uase the lawn mower for weeding yet satisfied looking at the area when I have mowed it!

    Still to do:

    1. Continued weeding in all areas of the garden
    2. Tie up tomatoes again
    3. Spray kelp, raw milk, etc. for disease control on tomatoes, eggplants, all curcurbits
    4. Set up posts and string supports for 2nd sowing of cucumbers and pole beans
    5. Plant final summer squash, pole bean, cucumber sowing….although I may delay this a couple weeks to spread the harvest out.
    6. Fall seedling plan, seed order, Fall/Winter/Spring square plan

    Oh, and the first sweet corn is in full tassel. The honey bees love it!