The Long View

This one from the carport.

I can see the cabbage moths flirting around. Both white and yellow varieties.

You can see a thunderstorm to the north, skirting is again.

I can hear the thunder.


Spring Square

What little we got in this year.

Beets and chard are up but small thanks to the high heat and little rain earlier this month. We need irrigation!!


Detroit Dark Red Beets

The beets need more weeding and thinning.

Red Acre Cabbages are doing fairly well but again, irrigation would move them along and make denser heads.

Red Acre Cabbages flanked by onions

And the rest of this square still in cover crop of rye, vetch, and crimson clover. I always hate to cut it when it flowers! The need love it!

Potato Update

Potatoes are doing moderately well.

The Red Pontiacs did not come up well. We had rot, despite applying sulfur. I believe it is a seed potato issue. Sadly, quality organic seed potatoes are through the roof, pricewise.

The Kennebecs came up much better but already have yellowing leaves.

I am not sure what this is but we get it every year. I need to investigate.

Potato bugs are bad. Mercy and Ashton thwacked a bunch into soap water and hand picked yesterday.

Still, lots of damage on many plants.

I did run the tiller between the rows to cultivate the weeds. These need to be tilled now.

Far fewer weeds, particularly annual ryegrass, compared with last year.

Oh, and the potatoes are beginning to flour at just over 6 weeks since planting.

New Silage Tarps

Hoping these silage tarps, from Farm Plastics Supply in Chicago, will help with bed prep and weed control.

That is Square 3, destined to hold more tomatoes, beans, squashes, cucumbers, sweet corn, and melons.

Part of this area had a winter rye and catch cover crop. The other portion was mostly white clover.

This process is called occultation or stale seed bedding.

I purchased a 40′ x 100′ tarp and cut it into two 40’×45′ sections for use in prepping entire squares.

The remain in 40’x10′ section will be used to clean up and prep 2-3 rows at a time.

The tarp above is held down with fence post. Not ideal. I need to find good sand bags and fill them at Pop’s.

Okra, Zinnias, and Sweet Corn

The other half of the square is in standard summer crops.

Sweet corn is Bodacious again. Germination was spotty at first due to high heat and lack of rain. A lovely, long lasting downpour a few nights back got it all up along with the okra and Zinnias.

Out pile of mushroom compost is in the background.


Plants from Granny’s so no Doe Hills, although Ashton has started some at the house.

Let’s see, there are

  • Cubanelles
  • California Wonders
  • Keystone Resistant Giants
  • Paprika
  • Sweet Bananas
  • Jalepenos
  • Anaheims

I would like to mulch these with straw. Need to call Merry to see if he has any.

Tomatoes Under Cover

Ok. Just their roots. Our attempts to stop early blight. Really would be better with some drip irrigation.

Tomas to left, various indeterminate on right.

Seedling were purchased at Granny’s in Madisonville.

Should have done a better job forming beds. Where the soil is a few inches below the plastic, we have had tomatoes girdled.

We added some wool as a bigger and replaced lost plants yesterday.

Planting tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants

Two days ago, Mercy, Ashton and I transplanted the tomatoes, pepper, and eggplant seedlings.

The tomato seedlings were transplanted into the holes burned in the landscape fabric. This proved a bit challenging as the purchased seedlings were leggy and it was hard to bury stems in the ground and gwt them well watered.

We really need drip irrigation to use the landscape fabric.

Tomato varieties planted:

  • 18 Romas
  • 6 Mortgage Lifters
  • 6 Brandywines
  • 6 Pineapples (Yellow and red)
  • 2 Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 gold cherry tomatoes

There were a few cherries  left s o I had Ashton pot them up here by the house.

Peppers and eggplants were transplanted into row 4 without landscape fabric. Varieties planted are

  • California Wonder (6)
  • Sweet Pimento (3)
  • Keystone Resistant Giant (3)
  • Anaheims (3)
  • Jalapenos (3)
  • Sweet Bananas (3)
  • A frying pepper (the name escapes me!)
  • Black Beauty Eggplant (3)

Seeding the Summer Square

Mercy and I seeded the following today in the summer square:

  • Bodacious Sweet Corn, 4 rows
  • Zinnias, 1 row
  • Okra, 1 row
  • Succession Row of bush beans, cucumbers, and summer squashes/zucchini, 1 row
  • Marigolds, 1 row.

No added fertilizer, except in the squash holes. The compost seems pretty strong, if that makes sense.

We also prepped the new ground cover for 3 rows of tomatoes. We plan to put 2 rows in tonight or tomorrow before the rain.

Weather is hot and dry after cool temps and light frost just 4 days ago.